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You are here: Home FAQ Sections: Education: Psychosocial Issues What causes work-related stress in teachers?

What causes work-related stress in teachers?

What causes work-related stress in teachers?

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There are many sources of teacher stress. Some of the causes are given below:

  • Pressure on professional skills (e.g. introduction of new teaching methods, changes in curriculum and courses);
  • Students (e.g. increased class size per teacher, lack of pupil motivation, attention and interest, having to meet new teaching targets or student attainment levels);
  • Difficult parent/teacher relations (perhaps from new demands regarding roles of the teacher or decreased parent participation);
  • Poor planning and programming (e.g. constant restructuring, frequent reforms in the vocational educational system, working alone and the transition to team work, lack of personnel and poor allocation, strong administrative hierarchy with a lack of support, insufficient financial resources);
  • Social and personal pressures (such as concerns about the quality of education, lack of coherence between personal goals and professional obligations, no recognition or acknowledgement, lack of public esteem);
  • The school as a stressful workplace (from excessive workload and hours of work, lack of time, lack of control and autonomy, environmental noise, poor ventilation, lack of solidarity and morale, excessive paperwork and administrative duties); and
  • Economic pressures (inadequate salary, job insecurity).
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